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Kass, Robert E.

Robert E. Kass , PhD

Phone: 412-268-4570

website: http://www.stat.cmu.edu/~kass/

Neural Engineering Related Work:

Statistical analysis of neuronal data.

Neural Engineering Related Work:My expertise is in Bayesian statistics, and statistical analysis of neuronal data, i.e., the output of single-electrode and multiple-electrode neurophysiological experiments. The projects my collaborators and I have carried out involve formulation of probability models and study of statistical inference procedures in the following settings: estimation of instantaneous firing rate of single neurons (i.e., smoothing the PSTH); analysis of variation in firing rate across many individually-recorded neurons; non-Poisson models for within-trial variability; trial-to-trial variability; time-evolution of correlated spiking across pairs of neurons; and real-time decoding of motor cortical signals for neural prostheses.