Training & Education

Advanced Manufacturing Courses Offered by Pitt

  • MEMS 0040 –Materials and Manufacturing
  • ME 2086 –Mechanics of 3D Printed Materials and Structures
  • ME 2087 – Structural Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
  • IE 1089/2089 –Additive Manufacturing
  • IE 1051 –Engineering Product Design
  • IE 2006 – Introduction to Manufacturing Systems
  • IE 2011 – Fundamentals of Micro- and Nano-manufacturing
  • IE 2014 –Manufacture Process Engineering
  • IE1201/ IE2201 –Biomaterials and Biomanufacturing

  • Upon Request from Individual MOST AM Members, Specialized Training Can Be Made Available for a Nominal Fee
  • Tailored Training can be Provided on Additive Manufacturing Equipment in the ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Research Laboratory (AMRL)
  • Additive Manufacturing Seminars on General Topics can be Provided