Pitt | Swanson Engineering

The Undergraduate Bioengineering Program offers four tracks that provide a depth component in bioengineering complementary to the breadth of the core curriculum :

Each track consists of 6 courses, required or drawn from a list of suggested courses, that provide a cohesive, focused, and in-depth area of study within the track. In conjunction with their 2 free advanced engineering/science electives, students develop a COMPREHENSIVE ELECTIVES PLAN (CEP) that describes how their choice of track, track courses, and free electives will help meet their post-graduation goals. Students are strongly encouraged to structure their CEP to obtain a minor or certificate (see GET A MINOR) that complements and augments their in depth study. A minor or certificate distinguishes you as someone who has gone beyond the minimum requirements to get your degree.

NOTE : All bioengineering students must have a minimum of 4 engineering courses out of the 8 elective courses (6 track courses and 2 advanced engineering/science courses).

NOTE: CHEM 0310 (Organic Chemistry 1) and CHEM 0320 (Organic Chemistry 2) are acceptable track electives for all tracks.