Gary Yu


gary yu

Gary Yu

Faculty Mentor: John Pacella


Gary Yu’s research project investigates the relationship between therapeutic ultrasound conditions and thrombolytic efficacy in ultrasound-mediated microbubble cavitation therapy (UTMC). UTMC is a theranostic platform which aims to reduce microvascular thrombi burden in settings of acute myocardial infarction through ultrasound cavitation of injected lipid microbubbles. Insight into physical mechanisms of thrombus dissolution will optimize clinically relevant outcomes, including microthrombus penetration, size reduction, and time course for treatment. Variations in ultrasound conditions may generate either inertial or stable MB cavitation, which result in different microthrombi interactions. Characterization of MB behaviors, including micro- jetting, pitting of microthrombi surfaces, and formation of daughter bubbles, may inform therapeutic enhancements of SRP.

Additionally, Gary Yu’s project investigates the validation of erythrocyte nitric oxide synthase as a therapeutic target for UTMC therapy. It has been demonstrated that shear stress upregulates activity of erythrocyte nitric oxide synthase, leading to significant vasodilation and nitric oxide release in a hypoxic environment. Preliminary data has also confirmed that UTMC therapy causes shear stress on the local endothelial environment through microbubble oscillation. Given the interaction between intravascular microbubbles and erythrocytes in the vascular space, microbubbles likely exert shear forces on erythrocytes, allowing the leveraging of the hypoxic tendency of erythrocyte nitric oxide synthase activity as an additional mechanism for UTMC therapy to address microvascular obstruction in acute myocardial infarction, an inherently ischemic state. 


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Mr. Yu's current research focuses on development and characterization of ultrasound-targeted microbubble cavitation therapy (UTMC), which involves ultrasound stimulation of injected lipid microbubbles.