Matthew Wolf


Matt Wolf

Matthew Wolf

Faculty Mentor: Stephen Badylak

Research:Mr. Wolf's research focuses on the characterization of extracellular matrix (ECM) scaffolds composed of cardiac muscle. ECM scaffolds represent the secreted product of resident cells of each tissue and organ (including the heart), and have been increasingly shown to play critical instructive and inductive roles in tissue regeneration. Although cardiac ECM has been evaluated in terms of the changes that occur following injury and in pathologic conditions, the role of cardiac ECM in the context of cardiac regeneration has been only minimally explored. The research conducted during this training program will comprehensively characterize decellularized cardiac muscle extracellular matrix. The characterization will include quantitative analysis of major constituents including collagens, growth factors, and glycosaminoglycan content. Structural analysis will include light microscopy and immunohistochemistry, scanning electron microscopy, and time of flight SIMS analysis. Biologically active molecules will include generation of degradation products that would occur during remodeling of the ECM and their potential chemotactic and mitogenic properties upon cardiomyocytes, and progenitor cells. This ECM analysis will be used to create an inductive scaffold for the repair and reconstruction of functional myocardial tissue.  


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  • McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine Annual Retreat, Nemacolin, PA. USA, 1/2013


Matthew Wolf is a graduate student in Dr. Stephen F. Badylak's lab, and is currently investigating the production and characterization of biologic scaffolds composed of cardiac and skeletal muscle extracellular matrix (ECM).