Salim Olia


Salim Olia

Salim Olia

Faculty Mentor: Marina Kameneva

Research:Mr. Olia's current research on the development of the next generation pediatric ventricular assist devices (PVAD) consists of two primary goals: 1) the optimization of in-vitro and in-vivo test parameters for testing and comparing PVADs and 2) designing a smart PVAD controller to calculate patient-pump performance indices in order to detect and predict pathological conditions and events. Preliminary studies have been performed and presented examining the effects of pre-load on outgassing and hemolysis in PVADs. Work has also continued on addressing the concerns of blood volume versus flow rate during in vitro blood trauma testing of PVADs. As the primary graduate student in collaboration with the FDA conducting validation studies for computational blood damage models, further examination was performed looking at hemolysis within small scale nozzle and orifice geometries. In order to enable testing of relevant blood parameters during pediatric clinical trials, efforts have been made to miniaturize these tests to reduce blood volume required from the patients. Finally, software development for the smart PVAD controller has continued with the optimization of system processes and background subroutines in order to minimize overhead and lag.     


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Mr. Olia's area of interest lies primarily in the design, optimization, and management of pediatric mechanical circulatory support systems. As a research scientist and clinical engineer, Mr. Olia identifies and addresses current limitations to maximize biocompatibility, usability, and the quality of life for patients with artificial heart devices.