Ricardo Londono


Ricardo Londono

Ricardo Londono

Faculty Mentor: Stephen F. Badylak

Research:I am an MD/PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. At the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, my research focuses on the use of biologically derived scaffolds for tissue repair applications. Biomaterial-mediated tissue repair occurs through a series of steps that are very similar to the ones observed in traditional wound healing: hemostasis, inflammation, angiogenesis, etc... In our lab, we use extracellular matrix-derived biomaterials to manipulate these processes and make them switch from what was once an evolutionary advantageous process of rapid wound healing and scar formation to one of functional tissue restoration, a process we like to call constructive tissue remodeling - since we haven't achieved true tissue regeneration just yet. As you can imagine the clinical success of these technologies depends on a variety of factors some of which include the source of the biomaterial used, its biochemical composition, and the methods of manufacture. I essentially study the effects of these and other factors on the regenerative process. Dr. Badylak has given me the opportunity to study multiple organs and tissues, but my thesis work is focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of biomaterial-mediated cardiac and esophageal repair. I primarily study the immune response after biomaterial implantation in both cardiac and esophageal repair models, but I also study some of the downstream events which include stem cell recruitment, proliferation, and differentiation. All these are necessary steps to achieve any sort of functional tissue regeneration.  


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