Noah Johnson


Noah Johnson

Noah Johnson

Faculty Mentor: Yadong Wang


Mr. Johnson used a novel heparin-polycation delivery system to provide controlled delivery of growth factors for a number of applications. The delivery vehicle is a coacervate, an emulsion-like assortment of droplets that self-assemble, incorporate heparin-binding growth factors, protect them from degradation, and slowly release them over time. The coacervate is injectable and stays localized to the site of injection.  He is currently investigating the efficacy of controlled growth factor delivery in cardiac repair (for heart failure patients), wound healing (for skin injuries), and bone/cartilage regeneration (for cranial/long bone defects and arthritis). He uses the same coacervate delivery system in all cases but the growth factors are selected for a specific desired outcome. Mr. Johnson is also investigating growth factor therapy to improve tissue engineering approaches by coating biodegradable vascular scaffolds and nerve guide conduits with our delivery system. The controllable, sustained release that our delivery system provides could be widely beneficial to any application of growth factor therapy. 


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Noah's research involves a controlled delivery system for growth factors to repair and regenerate tissues. He is currently investigating the potential of growth factor therapy for post-heart attack cardiac repair, for bone and cartilage regeneration, and for dermal wound healing.