Megan Jamiolkowski


Meagan jamiolkowski

Megan Jamiolkowski

Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Wagner

Research:Multiple implantable cardiovascular devices have been designed to improve the health status of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. As technology has advanced, several improvements have been made to these devices to make them safer and more efficient; however, all blood-wetted devices are still plagued by biocompatibility problems such as bleeding, thrombosis and thromboembolism. Trial and error is commonly used by device manufacturers to reduce the risk of biocompatibility complications. This method is time-consuming and expensive, with often unpredictable outcomes. Megan Jamiolkowski's research focuses on improving the biocompatibility of implantable devices. In collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Antaki, Megan's research seeks to advance the accuracy and efficacy of a multi-phase thrombosis model. This model will provide a design tool that is able to perform a device-scale simulation of thrombus formation, reducing the time and cost of designing safer implantable cardiovascular devices. Her current research involves examining surface and platelet interactions. She is performing studies to calibrate and validate the model that predicts platelet and surface interactions as well as other key aspects of thrombus formation and bleeding.  


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  • Jamiolkowski MA , Woolley JR, Ye SH, Olia SE, Kameneva MV, Antaki JF, Wagner WR. Real Time Characterization of Flow Induced Platelet Deposition onto Clinically-Relevant Opaque Surfaces. Presentation at the ASAIO Annual Conference 2013