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Kelly Clause

Faculty Mentor: Kimimasa Tobita

Update: Dr. Kelly Clause is currently engaged in postdoctoral studies at Georgia Tech, where she is working on a lung branching morphogenesis model looking into how the extracellular matrix, fibronectin in particular, plays a role in determining the spatial and temporal arrangement of lung branching during development.

Research:Ms. Clause has three facets of her project. 1) The characterization of cardiomyocyte induction and the role of mechanical stretch, p38-MAPK and Akt on proliferation within engineered tissue, Engineered Early Embryonic Cardiac Tissue (EEECT), both in vitro and in vivo. Insights gained from investigating EEECT cardiomyocyte proliferation will be translated to a three dimensional engineered tissue construct generated from skeletal muscle derived stem cells, or MDSCs. The second, 2) being the characterization of the role of mechanical forces in cardiomyocyte induction from skeletal muscle derived stem cells in 3D culture (MDSC- 3DGB), both in vitro and in vivo. These constructs will be cultured under differing conditions, determined by the EEECT studies, to attempt to control the differentiation, proliferation, and maintain the maturation of cardiomyocytes in a three dimensional environment. The third, 3) being the characterization of the presence and role of skeletal muscle specific proteins in the developing rat heart. The goal is to translate insights gained from investigating EEECT and MDSC-3DGB towards the long term goal of developing a functioning engineered cardiac graft with the potential to subsequently reduce the disability and death associated with heart disease.


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