Partha Roy, PhD


Partha Roy head shot

Dr. Partha Roy

(Bioengineering) Mechanisms of cell migration and invasion; Angiogenesis

The overall interest of our laboratory is studying the molecular mechanisms of cell migration. More specifically, we are investigating the role of profilin in cell migration using two model systems: angiogenesis and invasion of breast cancer cells. These projects involve molecular perturbation of profilin in endothelial and breast cancer cells using both genetic and laser-based biophysical techniques. Other projects in the laboratory include 1) Elucidation of signaling pathways involving profilin in mediating actin reorganization, 2) Studying the role of profilin in determining the biomechanical properties of cells, 3) Identification of novel proteins that are capable of interacting with profilin and studying these interactions real-time in living cells using the fluorescence resonance energy transfer technique.