Marina Kamaneva, PhD


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Dr. Marina Kameneva

(Surgery, MIRM & Bioengineering) Blood rheological properties and trauma in artificial organs & devices; Drag reducing polymers; Blood substitutes; Hemodynamics, Microcirculation, Hemorheology

Dr. Kamaneva's Profile

Our research deals with a variety of projects ranging from testing new devices to performing theoretical and experimental research related to the development of new artificial organs and basic hydrodynamic and rheological phenomena. Focus of one of our research projects is on the investigation of the mechanisms of blood trauma in blood-contacting artificial organs and devices: the study of the mechanical and thermal stress effects on RBC damage and blood rheology, the search for new methods of the evaluation of blood trauma, evaluation of new devices, search for criteria of lethal and sub-lethal damage to blood, mathematical modeling of blood trauma process (with Dr. J.F. Antaki), and search for pharmacological ways for reducing blood trauma in assisted circulation. We also work on the development of a novel artificial blood based on special blood-soluble, drag-reducing polymers. Physicochemical characterization of the drag reducing polymers in relation to their ability to affect blood circulation is a very important part of our research. The major goal of our research is elucidation of the mechanisms underlying the beneficial intravascular effects of our drag-reducing polymers.