Stephen Badylak, MD, PhD, DVM


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Dr. Stephen Badylak

(Surgery, Bioengineering & MIRM) Tissue engineering; Cardiovascular biomaterials; Thrombosis & thrombolysis; Vascular grafts; Wound healing

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Our research effort involves a broad spectrum of studies related to the field of tissue engineering. Extensive cell and tissue culture facilities exist to investigate the phenomenon of vascular assembly within three-dimensional scaffolds, cell migration within and across scaffolds, cell-matrix interactions at the sub-cellular, cellular, and tissue levels, and co-culture techniques aimed at in vitro tissue growth. In addition, a large number of pre-clinical animal studies are constantly in progress to evaluate laboratory-based concepts on in vivo models. The studies conducted in the laboratory are extremely interdisciplinary. Principals of molecular biology, (bio)mechanical engineering, biomaterials and related host-tissue interactions, developmental biology, pathology, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and biochemistry all are actively pursued in various projects. The cross-disciplinary nature of the projects is facilitated by regularly scheduled weekly meetings among the entire group. All research in our laboratory is directed towards eventual human clinical application.