Jeffrey Isenberg, MD, MPH

Past Affiliate

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Jeffrey S. Isenberg, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, and Bioengineering

The focus of our lab is to study the role matrix-cellular proteins play in controlling blood flow and tissue survival. We are particularly interested in the thrombospondin-1-CD47 signaling nexus and the role it has in modulating the canonical nitric oxide (NO) pathway. Presently we are determining the role this pathway has in controlling blood pressure, arterial dilation and endogenous NO production. We are also studying the role of TSP1-CD47 in sickle cell disease, pulmonary hypertension and ischemia-reperfusion injury. This same pathway appears to also regulate cell survival to other severe stress including radiation and this is a new area of interest. Finally, blocking the TSP1-CD47 interaction increases cellular engraftment and is being explored in the context of tissue engineering.