Salem Alkhateeb

Bioengineering Advisor: Dr. Tamer Ibrahim
Psychiatry Advisor: Dr. Ann Cohen

salem headshot

As a trainee in the T32 Bioengineering in Psychiatry program, Mr. Alkhateeb continued progressing in his research project on developing and constructing arterial spin labeling (ASL) coil system array as a non-invasive MRI technique to measure cerebral blood flow (CBF), phantom and in-vivo preliminary outcome data have been collected and currently under assessment for more improvements. Additionally, Mr. Alkhateeb has been optimizing two pCASL pulse-sequences to improve the compatibility of the current ASL coil design with the MRI 7T scanner. On other projects, Mr. Alkhateeb is taking the lead on the quality control and analysis of Hippocampus Segmentation process for multiple research studies in the departments of Psychiatry and Psychology. For clinical training, Mr. Alkhateeb attended the clinical unit of a neuroscience course that emphasizes the Gerontology and its implications in a literature review manner. Additionally, he attended as an observer a consensus clinical case conference for a research study that focuses on the risk of subclinical vascular disease in developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Regarding publications, Mr. Alkhateeb is a Co-author on a paper submitted to a Neuroimage Journal under the title ‘Analysis of Hippocampal Subfields in Sickle Cell Disease Using Ultrahigh Field MRI’, and two accepted abstracts to the ISMRM conference.