1. illustration of how salt induces LLE and hydrates melting in POCB/water mixtures
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  2. ridge localization and wrinkle packet patterns
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  3. aluminum-plastic laminate composites
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  4. illustration of liquid POCB being added to liquid water
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  5. ridge, wrinkle packets and flat line graph
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  6. zoomed in illustration of a crimped fiber
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  9. compression-induced buckling illustration
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  10. Charts showing the crystallization over time
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  11. Image showing 3 different examples of ate-dependent creasing of a viscoelastic liquid
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  12. Illustration of Stretching-induced wrinkling in plastic-rubber composites
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  14. Smart graphene of interfacial localization
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  15. Cover of Extreme Mechanics journal with an image of increasing uniaxial stretch
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  16. Hoechst/Phalloidin images of stiff and soft examples on Day 1 and Day 4
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  17. atomic breakdown of Poly(phthalazinone ether ketone) (PPEK)
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  18. rubber-plastic laminate graph
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  21. Graph of lumen to media with endothelial cell, smooth muscle cell and internal elastic lamina marked
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  23. PFPE, PFPE/PEI atomic breakdowns and charts
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  24. Fumed silica triangle chart with 3 example images
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  25. data graphs showing the tuning of thermoresponsive pNIPAAm hydrogels for the topical retention of controlled release ocular therapeutics
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  26. visual data graph of wrinkles for vascular grafts
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  27. data graphs showing effect of reactive compatibilization on morphological and rheological properties of immiscible homopolymer blends of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and polyisoprene (PI)
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  29. three image showing solder bonds copper, to high conductivity metal network, to solder engulfs copper
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  30. before and after of topography-driven surface renewal
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  31. elastomer layer with uniform thinning added to plastic equals bilayer with modest localized thinning
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  33. Graphs and patterns showing Polymer Hydrate Crystallization Improves Carbon Nanotube Memory
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  34. Liquid water plus liquid POCB with illustrations showing it in water emulsion and as co-crystals
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  35. A structure composition map for immiscible polymer blends
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  42. Illustration of Stretching-induced wrinkling in plastic-rubber composites
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