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October 28, 2019 
The Electric Power Industry Conference at the Swanson School of Engineering continues to lead the way in exploring energy production and delivery potential.
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2016 Conference Schedule

 The Grid in Transformation 


November 14-15, 2016 
University Club, Pitt-Oakland Campus
(Parking located in Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall Garage)

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Conference Chair: Gregory Reed, PhD

Director, Center for Energy and the GRID Institute
Director, Electric Power Systems Laboratory  
Professor of Electric Power Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. 
Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

Conference Co-Chair: Brandon Grainger, PhD

Affiliate, Center for Energy and the GRID Institute
Affiliate, Electric Power Systems Laboratory  
(Research) Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. 
Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh


 Monday November 14

9:00 AM - Registration and Networking (Main Lobby)

10:00 AM - Welcome and Opening Remarks: Gregory Reed, Ph.D.

Energy Innovation Center and GRID Institute Details

10:10 AM - Opening Remarks: 
Rebecca Bagley - 
Vice Chancellor Economic Partnerships 
University of Pittsburgh

10:20 AM - Conference Keynote Address   
Rich Riazzi - President & CEO 
Duquesne Light Holdings, Duquesne Light Co.

11:00 AM - Graduate Student Research Symposium

Session Moderator: Brandon Grainger, Ph.D.
Presentations from Pitt Electric Power Engineering PhD and M.S. students providing overview of the group's research activities, and introducing elements of the GSR poster session.

12:30 PM
 - Lunch

1:30 PM - Technical Program Sessions (concurrent tracks)

Session 1 (Gold Room - 2nd Floor): Power Electronic Systems & Devices
Session Moderator: 
Ansel Barchowsky - University of Pittsburgh
PhD Candidate, Electric Power Systems Laboratory

William Stanchina, PhD - University of Pittsburgh 
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Paul Ohodnicki, PhD - National Energy Technology Lab
Technical Portfolio Lead / Materials Scientist

Nicholas Benavides, PhD- P.C. Krause & Associates
Senior Lead Engineer

Martin Belanger - OPAL-RT
American Sales Manager

Ryo Takeda - Keysight Technologies
Solution Architect - Energy & Automotive Division

Session 2 (Ballroom B - 2nd Floor): Microgrid Experiences & Practices
Session Moderator: 
Michael Rooney - 
University of Pittsburgh, Center for Energy
Manager, District Energy Initiatives 

Russell Profaizer, PE- Duquesne Light Company
Senior Manager of Engineering

Alexis Kwasinski, PhD - University of Pittsburgh
Associate Professor, R.K. Mellon Faculty Fellow in Energy

John Stampfel - Eaton
Vice President and General Manager - Electrical Engineering Services & Systems 

Maggie Clout, PhD - Siemens
Business Development Manager, Energy Management Division

Paul Roege, PE - Typhoon HIL
Senior Advisor
Former Director of Army Operational Energy Office

Session 3 (Conference Room A - 3rd Floor): Advances in Grid Equipment
Session Moderator: 
Wayne Honath- University of Pittsburgh, Center for Energy
Special Projects Manager

Mircea Lupu, PhD - Emerson Process Management
and Sheldon Willis
Research & Development Engineers

William Edwards, PE - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Automation Group Manager

Sameer Kher - ANSYS, Inc.
Senior Manager, Research and Development, Systems BU

Joe Warner - ABB, Inc.
FACTS System Design Engineer

Christopher Lee - Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc
Senior Power Control Design Engineer


4:00 PM - Graduate Student Researcher Poster Session (Library and Throughout Venue)
Posters will be available for viewing at distinct locations of the University Club throughout the entire conference. The 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm time frame is set aside specifically for when the students will be at their posters to present, discuss, and and answer questions.



6:00 PM - Student-Industry Networking Event and Evening Keynote Address
All our students, both undergraduate and graduate who are studying in the electric power and energy fields, join with our industry partners, government sponsors, and other constituents who will have representation in an exhibit area for a networking reception. 

Evening Keynote Address (Ballroom B - 2nd Floor): 
Lloyd Yates - Executive Vice President, President Carolinas
Duke Energy

Reception and Exhibits (Ballroom A - 1st Floor - Following Keynote) 
List of Exhibitors : Pitt Entities (Distance Learning, Center for Energy, Office of Technology Management), ABB, Aclara, ANSYS, Burns & McDonnell, CE Power, Duquesne Light, Eaton, Emerson, EnerNoc, First Energy, HICO America, i+iconENERGY, Itron, KEMA, Keysight Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric, NovaTech, NRG Energy, OPAL-RT Technologies, PC Krause & Associates, Power Analytics, Sargent Electric, US Department of Energy, Westinghouse


Tuesday November 15

8:00 AM - Registration and Networking (Main Lobby)

9:00 AM to 12:15 PM (Ballroom B - 2nd Floor)
Grid Modernization Workshop  
Day two will focus on the economics of grid evolution. Focusing on infrastructure challenges and the changing role of the utility, day 2 participants will provide insights on the evolving nature of business in the energy industry.

9:00 AM  - Introduction:  Gregory Reed, Ph.D.

9:05 AM  - Special Announcement

9:15 AM - 10:30 AM:
Opening Remarks & Session Moderator:
Katrina Kelly, PhD
 - University of Pittsburgh, Center for Energy
Research Associate & Manager of Business Development

Joseph Paladino - U.S. Department of Energy
Senior Advisor
Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

Ralph Masiello, PhD - Quanta Technology, LLC
Industry Advisor

David Roop - Dominion Virginia Power
Director, Electric Transmission Operations 

John Moura -  North American Electric Reliability Corporation
Director, Reliability Assessment and System Analysis 

Patrick O'Connor, JD - Reliability First


10:30 AM - 11:45 AM  - Workshop Breakout Sessions 

Topic #1 - Utility Business Models
Changing consumer dynamics, technology disruptions, and increased demands for environmental considerations place considerable pressure on the modern utility.  This session will focus on the evolution of business models that will be needed to support grid adaptation, as well as the new financial and regulatory obstacles that are needed to support grid evolution.

Session Moderator: 
Benjamin Morris - Duquesne Light Company
Senior Manager, Strategic Planning & Operational Analytics

Topic #2 - Grid Infrastructure Challenges
Increased demands for resilience and sustainability coupled with the traditional demand for reliable power supplies makes infrastructure expansion a formidable challenge in the energy industry. Focusing on emerging and traditional risks to infrastructure build, session participants will discuss how innovative infrastructure designs can help to power the future.

Session Moderator:  
Steven Bossart
 - National Energy Technology Laboratory
Senior Energy Analyst

11:45 AM to 12:15 PM - Breakout Session Reporting


12:15 PM to 12:30 PM - Conference Chair Closing Remarks  

Conference Adjourns with Lunch at 12:30 PM