Helping to Secure the Nation's Energy Infrastructure

The University of Pittsburgh Cyber Energy Center, funded by the Department of Energy, is dedicated to developing cybersecurity solutions and address the needs of the evolving cyber-energy workforce. 

The Cyber Energy Center is a research and education ecosystem that is creating future tools and technologies for better security, educational opportunities for professionals, and diverse workforce development so that these new innovations can  impact the region and the nation.  

Industrial Collaboration

Cybersecure Energy Systems

Integrated IT & OT Education

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Why Cyber Energy at Pitt? 

Pennsylvania is the second-largest natural gas-producing state, the second largest in nuclear power generating capacity, and the third-largest producer of electricity in the nation. Indeed, its diverse portfolio is a key part of the national infrastructure and security. Protecting this critical infrastructure from cyber threats requires more than improving information technology (IT) cybersecurity.

In today's connected environment, the operational technology (OT) that makes up our critical infrastructure must be secured. Industry requires solutions for building and managing a homogeneous IT and OT environment to address legacy systems and rapid change. 

Cyber Energy Center

University of Pittsburgh

Funded by the Department of Energy