Nikhil Bajaj head shot

Nikhil Bajaj, PhD.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Nikhil Bajaj is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He has held research positions on several projects in the areas of control systems, sensing and machine learning, computational design, and heat transfer. His research interests include nonlinear dynamical and control systems, and the analysis and design of mechatronic systems. At the interface of these fields lies development of sensor systems and instrumentation, where he has developed resonant mass sensors for detection of varied analytes from trinitrotoluene to traumatic brain injury biomarkers, along with the corresponding custom instrumentation required for accurate sensor readout. In addition, Dr. Bajaj has experience in combining sensor data sources using machine learning for improved sensing and classification outcomes, as well as incorporating engineering design principles to improve feature selection and reduce computational and memory requirements in machine learning and sensor fusion tasks.

Dr. Bajaj and his research group are currently focused on work on making MEMS inertial sensors resilient to environmental issues and attack, and tackling theoretical and practical problems in the deployment of machine learning, nonlinear dynamics, and control in resource-constrained systems and products.

Research Group Members

Ph.D. Students:

  • Thomas Hinds - nonlinear resilient MEMS in nuclear and undersea applications
  • Shaghayegh Rahimpour - oscillator based neuromorphic computing
  • James Oti - secure binder jet printing

Master's Degree Students:

  • Ryan Wassel - secure binder jet printing
  • Kai-Hsun Hsu - machine learning for vibrating systems

Undergraduate Students:

  • Haomiao Luo - neural networks in control
  • Elizabeth Borchick - resilient sensing for haptics
  • Devyn Bard - resilient undersea sensors
  • Chris Beatty - oscillator based neuromorphic computing

Graduate Students:

  • Andrew Oldiges, completed MS December 2021 - worked on Haptic Actuator Control

Undergraduate Researchers:

  • Jiale Xue (graduated August 2022) - worked on instrumentation for underwater acoustic attack characterization
  • Joe Mockler (graduated December 2021) - worked on modeling analysis of a Feedback-Enabled Nonlinear Resonator
  • Yuanwu He (graduated May 2021) - worked on Neural Network-based approximation of MPC algorithms
  • Yuliang Xiao (graduated May 2020) - worked on Neural Network-based approximation of MPC algorithms
  • Arya Niroomand (graduated May 2021) - worked on Multiactuator Haptics
  • Eric Xu (now pursuing MSEE at Carnegie Mellon) - worked on Binder Jet 3D Printing Prototypes
  • Jason Choi - worked on reinforcement learning in control