Controls Track

The Controls track prepares the student for analysis and design of feedback control, estimation, and related systems.  Core courses develop a foundation in analytical dynamics, classical and state space control, and linear system theory to prepare the student for advanced courses. Elective courses offer the opportunity to broaden perspectives in topics such as nonlinear controls, measurement systems, signal processing, digital and intelligent control systems, and fabrication of sensors and actuators. 

Degree Requirements   

Semesters with red font are courses that are offered every other year

Course Details Credits

Required core courses 

Students must complete the following courses

  • ME 2045 Linear Control Systems (Fall)
  • ECE/ME 2646 Linear System Theory (Fall)
  • ME 2027 Advanced Dynamics (Spring)
9 credits

Dynamics Systems and Controls (DSC) Electives

Choose two courses from the following list:

  • ME 2020 Mechanical Vibrations (Spring)
  • ME 2043 Machine Learning-based Methods for Dynamics and Control (Spring)
  • ME (ECE) 2046 Digital Control Systems (Spring)
  • ME 2082 Electromechanical Sensors and Actuators (Spring)
  • ME 2243 Bayesian Signal Processing (Spring)
  • ECE (ME) 2247 Introduction to Nonlinear Control Design
  • ME 2440 Fundamentals of Acoustics and Vibrations (Fall)
  • ME 2441 Measurement and Analysis of Random Data from Dynamical Systems (Fall)
6 credits

ME Technical Electives

Students can choose any graduate-level ME courses aligned with their technical interests in consultation with their advisors

6-15 credits

Non-ME Technical Electives

Students can take up to 9 credits from other engineering, math, and science programs. Advisor’s approval is needed.

0-9 credits

Total (minimum)

30 credits

Suggested non-ME Technical Electives for Controls Track