Computational & Data-Enabled Engineering (CDEE) Track

Computational methods have made a huge impact on the solution of science and engineering problems governed by the laws of mechanics. This track prepares the student for the field of computational and data science in mechanical engineering. Students will develop competency in the areas of applied mathematics, computational methods, and data science. Students are expected to augment their computational competency through domain specific technical electives in mechanical engineering. 

Degree Requirements   

Semesters with red font are courses that are offered every other year

Course Details Credits

Required core courses

Students must complete the following courses

Choose one of the math courses from the following list:

  • ME 2001 Differential Equations (Fall/Spring)
  • ME 2002 Linear and Complex Analysis (Spring)
  • ME/ECE 2676 Linear System Theory (Fall)

Complete two courses from the following list:

  • ME 2060 Numerical Methods (Spring)
  • ME 2063 Data-driven Modeling for Engineers (Spring)
  • ME 2232 Mathematics of Data-Enabled Sci & Eng (Fall)
9 credits

CDEE Track Electives

Choose two courses from the following list:

  • ME 2054 Parallel Computing for Engineers (Fall)
  • ME 2055 Computer-aided Anal. Transport Phen. (Fall)
  • ME 2060 Numerical Methods (Spring)
  • ME 2061 Reduced-order Modeling (Spring)
  • ME 2063 Data-driven Modeling for Engineers (Spring)
  • ME 2300 Linear Algebra for Machine Learning (Fall)
  • ME 2047 Finite Element Theory I (Fall)
  • ME 2227 Finite Element Theory II (Spring)
  • ECE/ME 2671 Optimization (Fall)
  • ME 2256 Applied Comput. Heat & Mass Trans. (Spring)


6 credits

ME Technical Electives

Students can choose any graduate-level ME courses aligned with their technical interests in consultation with their advisors

6-15 credits

Non-ME Technical Electives

Students can take up to 9 credits from other engineering, math, and science programs. Advisor’s approval is needed.

0-9 credits

Total (minimum)

30 credits