Advanced Manufacturing and Design Track

The Advanced Manufacturing and Design track prepares the student for advanced manufacturing processes, design, metrology, materials, and data analytics.  Core courses include design for additive manufacturing, smart manufacturing, additive manufacturing materials, metrology, and process control. The student will not only learn the fundamental principles but will also gain hands-on experience in manufacturing.

Degree Requirements   

Semesters with red font are courses that are offered every other year

Course Details Credits

Required core courses

Students must complete the following courses  

Choose one of the following mathematics courses:

  • ME 2001 Differential Equations (recommended for Design focus) (Fall, Spring)
  • ME 2646 Linear System Theory (recommended for Process focus) (Fall)

Complete the following three manufacturing courses:  

  • ME 2081 Smart Manufacturing – Key to Innovations (Spring)
  • ME 2083 Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (Fall)
  • MSE 2120 Intro. to Additive Manuf. Materials (Spring) 
12 credits

Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Electives 

Choose two courses from the same focus area  

Design Focus:

  • ME 2047 Finite Element Analysis I (Fall)
  • ME 2086 Design and Mech. for 3D Printed Mat. and Struc. (Spring) 
    • (Prerequisite: ME 2047 Finite Element Analysis I)  

Process Focus:              

  • ME 2045 Linear Control Theory (Fall)
  • ME 2088 Advanced Manufac. Metrology and Process Control (Fall)
    • (Prerequisite: undergraduate level dynamic systems & control)
6 credits

ME Technical Electives

Students can choose any graduate-level ME courses aligned with their technical interests in consultation with their advisors

3-12 credits

Non-ME Technical Electives

Students can take up to 9 credits from other engineering, math, and science programs. Advisor’s approval is needed.

0-9 credits

Total (minimum)

30 credits


Suggested Technical Electives for Advanced Manufacturing Track