Soroosh Sanatkhani 

Soroosh Sanatkhani

Faculty mentor(s): Sanjeev G. Shroff and Prahlad G. Menon


Mr. Sanatkhani’s ongoing research is focused on hemodynamics indices and shape-based models of left atrial appendage (LAA) to enhance stroke prediction in atrial fibrillation (AF).

The left atrial appendage has been shown to be a culprit location for formation of thrombi in non-valvular AF (91%) and in valvular AF (50%). This suggests a possible correlation between the LAA shape and stroke risk. The research group has proposed two novel, patient-specific indices to improve the stroke prediction in AF patients: a) A hemodynamics-based calculation of residence time in LAA; b) A generalized approach to quantify the LAA appearance (geometry). To achieve these goals, we are pursuing the following specific aims: 1) To develop quantification of LAA residence time and LAA appearance (shape). 2) To improve CHA2DS2-VASc-based stroke risk stratification using LAA residence time and LAA appearance indices.

A new method to predict the stroke risk will be introduced as a result of this project. This method is expected to improve significantly stroke risk prediction in AF patients, resulting in enhanced clinical management of AF and lowering of stroke risk. The population of AF patients is rising; therefore, this project will have a huge impact in lowering the rate of mortality and morbidity due to AF.

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