Katelin Omecinski 

Katelin Omecinski

Faculty Mentor: William Federspiel


Chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD and ARDS account for 5.6% of deaths, ranking at number 4 in the USA’s leading causes of mortality in 2016. During an acute exacerbation of a respiratory disease, a patient’s lungs are unable to provide the necessary gas exchange, O2 delivery and CO2 removal, required for the body’s basic metabolic needs. While clinicians treat the root cause of the exacerbation, extracorporeal respiratory assist devices supplement or replace the lung’s gas exchanging functions. Ms. Omecinski’s research focuses on the development of the The Modular Extracorporeal Lung Assist System (ModELAS). The ModELAS is a compact artificial lung that combines a blood pump and gas exchanging hollow fiber membrane to ease patient physiological stress and demands on care providers during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) or extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R). The device can provide full oxygenation support for both pediatric and adult patients as well as partial CO2 removal support for adults. The device is currently undergoing 30-day pre-clinical trials in an ovine model. 


  • A.G. May, R.A. Orizondo, B.J. Frankowski, P.D. Wearden, W.J. Federspiel. Acute In Vivo Performance of a Pediatric Ambulatory Artificial Lung. Presented at The University of Pittsburgh’s Bioengineering Day. 2019. Pittsburgh, PA
  • K.S. Omecinski, B.J. Frankowski, W.J. Federspiel. Characterization of Floating Impeller Phenomena in an Integrated HFM Bundle and Centrifugal Pump. Presented at The McGowan Institute Scientific Retreat. Pittsburgh, PA. 

Honors and Awards:

  • April 2019 1st Place Graduate Poster, University of Pittsburgh Bioengineering day, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2018-2019 Department of Bioengineering Bevier Award, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA