Oliver Hinder

Dr. Oliver Hinder is an assistant professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh. Before joining the University of Pittsburgh, he was a visiting postdoctoral researcher at Google in the Optimization and Algorithms group in New York. In 2020, he received a Ph.D. from the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, where Professor Yinyu Ye was his advisor. His research focuses on optimization: a field that creates software tools for making predictions and decisions in complex environments. He is motivated by problems in network optimization and machine learning that push current capabilities. For example, he aims to build new tools for electricity grid operators to handle the uncertainty created by wind and solar energy sources. These tools will help accelerate the transition to a fully renewable electricity grid. His project is entitled A new approach to decision making under uncertainty with applications to electric grid operation.





Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
University of Pittsburgh
Swanson School of Engineering
153 Benedum Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261