2022 Strategic Plan

A roadmap to further catalyze sustainability in education and research at Pitt.

Since our 2004 inception as an initiative and through our re-invention in 2013 as a university-wide sustainability center, the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation has continued to make great strides to increase sustainability integration within the classroom, catalyze sustainable research and connect Pitt’s sustainability work to our campus and broader communities.

We are at a reflection point. We need your input.

Sustainability is now one of Pitt’s Universal Values in the Plan for Pitt 2025. While still in draft form, this framework offers a big-picture view of how we hope to change as an institution over the next three to five years.

We are embarking on a Strategic Plan to:

Our success of this plan, as is with our mission at Pitt will be defined by Our People, Our Programs and Our Purpose. We ask for your help in shaping all three.

This year has not been without challenges, especially with the passing of our mentor, friend, and motivator, Jack Mascaro. Jack inspired each of us to “be great,” and we seek to honor his greatness through this plan and our continued work every day.


Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
University of Pittsburgh
Swanson School of Engineering
153 Benedum Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261



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