Student Projects

Throughout the CMI program, students are preparing for and developing their own medical products.  Some highlights from previous years are listed here: 

Medical Product Prototyping: TranquiLift

When the COVID-19 quarantines began, one luxury people grew to miss was being pampered in a salon or barbershop. For many wheelchair users, however, salon hair care is often a challenge. The process can require an individual to be lifted out of their wheelchair into a salon chair, but this transfer...

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Clinical Bioengineering: Team Novus

In Clinical Bioengineering (BIOENG 2170), students participate in intensive ideation work trying to identify problems and creating solutions. To have a hands-on learning experience, the students contact several mentors to observe clinical settings. Novus was one of the teams in the Spring 2016...

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Medical Product Prototyping: Team SenTech

EZ‐Tract Retractor Blade System: Medical Product Prototyping (BIOENG 2171) is a course in which students get the opportunity to put the tools they learn in Medical Product Ideation (BIOENG 2150), Medical Product Development (BIOENG 2151 ) and Clinical Bioengineering (BIOENG 2170) to use. This course...

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Medical Product Prototyping: Team GyrEx

After performing several ethnographical studies at Pediatrics, Orthopedic surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinics, Team GyrEx found an unmet need in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. These studies were conducted under the supervision of Dr. Kristin Hannibal for...

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Medical Product Ideation: Team Momma

Case study: Team Momma Medical Product Ideation (BIOENG 2150) is a foundational course in the Medical Product Engineering program within the University of Pittsburgh Department of Bioengineering. ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’ – Confucius. This ideal was kept in...

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Medical Product Development: Team Aquapore

“I couldn’t even begin to say how much I learned from this project, especially after seeing it through from the early stages all the way to a first prototype. Lecture was helpful and working with a real-life project in the early stages of development was extremely beneficial. The project and lecture...

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