Organ Perfusion Stent & BioCarpet Projects Win Wells Competition Award

Young Jae Chun, Bryan W. Tillman, John J. Pacella, Jonathan Vande Geest

On behalf of the Center of Medical Innovation, congratulations to the team of Drs. Young Jae Chun (Industrial Engineering), Bryan W. Tillman (Division of Vascular Surgery, UPMC), John J. Pacella (Vascular Medicine Institute, Division of Cardiology, UPMC), and Jonathan Vande Geest (Bioengineering) for receiving $5,000 awards from the Wells Competition for their projects, Organ Perfusion Stent and BioCarpet. As projects that were kickstarted by early funding by the Swanson School of Engineering, they are now moving closer to commercialization.

Links to articles on their projects are below:
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