Medical researchers

Clinical Concept Questionnaire

CMI invites all members of clinical departments to submit early concepts for review and assessment of technical and commercial potential. Concepts can be submitted using the Clinical Concept Questionnaire and by completing the following steps to obtain department approval and submit the concept to CMI.

  1. Download the Clinical Concept Questionnaire Form.
  2. Complete the Questionnaire and review with your department. Obtain departmental signature approval by completing the signature section of the form. 
    • Please note, the Questionnaire form is a Microsoft Word document that provides electronic signature capability (Microsoft Windows OS only). The form may be signed electronically or printed and signed. PLEASE LIMIT RESPONSE TO 3 PAGES MAXIMUM (Arial 11-point type).
  3. Scan the approved form and submit to CMI at alh138@pitt.edu. You will be notified if your project is selected for funding.