Current Swanson School of Engineering students will apply for global opportunities using the relevant program page. Please review the following steps carefully before you apply to any global program:

  1. Apply for a new U.S. passport or renewal passport if required. 
    : Most countries will not allow you to enter unless your passport is valid for a period of at least six months after your scheduled date of return. This is very important. If your passport is set to expire within this time period (or is even close), you should plan on renewing your passport.
  2. Discuss your plans with an advisor in Global Experiences and Engagement.
  3. Choose an appropriate program that fits your needs.
  4. Apply to the program - follow the instructions on the relevant program page. Follow them carefully! This may include an additional application or supplemental materials to the provider or the host institution.
  5. Next steps will be contingent on your type of program. Follow the instructions you receive from your program manager, your provider, and/or your host institution.
  6. You MUST attend a Program Agreement meeting. 
  7. You will be asked to sign agreements for your program.
  8. You will complete a course approval form. Please see the sample course approval forms below.
    1. Sample SEMESTER program course approval form
    2. Sample Panther Summer program course approval form 
    3. Sample CHANGE form for semester program
    4. Sample Non-SSOE Panther Summer program course approval form
  9. Research your location to discover the local laws, regulations, and culture before you head out on your program. 
  10. Enjoy your global experience!
  11. Stay in contact with the Global Experiences and Engagement office while you are on your program.
  12. Return as a global engineer, ready to put your experience to use!