U.lab Hub

The Pitt U.lab hub is a new initiative to create annual support infrastructure for organizationally and socially innovative ideas across the Pitt campus and beyond. If we think of technological and organizational innovation as two wings of the same bird, it is easy to conclude that the organizational wing is not getting as much support as the technological wing. Both wings need to be strong for the bird of human civilization to fly.  

The hub fills in the gap by providing a solid framework and community for grassroot change efforts. The hub also experiments a learning community based on common interests (Theory U), as an alternative to the discipline-based silo structure currently dominant in academia.

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Pitt U.lab Hub Brochure 2020

Pitt U.lab Hub Presentation 2020

Hosting Team

The hosting team will serve as liaisons among the coaching circles, co-facilitate the live sessions, and make decisions for the well-being of the community. The Pitt U.lab hub hosting team comprise of three co-hosts:

Gemma Jiang, Swanson School of Engineering (gej20@pitt.edu)

Stephanie Romero, Awaken Pittsburgh (sromero@awakenpittsburgh.org)

Ron Idoko, Pitt Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ron.idoko@pitt.edu)

Action Research

To facilitate the iterative improvement of design for the hub, an action research study Understanding Pitt U.lab Hub Participant Experience will be conducted throughout the year. 

Two researchers will be leading this study, collecting data via surveys, interviews and focus groups:

Principal Investigator: Gemma Jiang, Swanson School of Engineering

Co-Principal Investigator: Christina Ong, Department of Sociology (cno4@pitt.edu)

Participation Roadmap

The Pitt U.lab hub plans activities to complement the MITx u.lab MOOC: Leading from the Emerging Future over the course of a year. Please see below for the road map for participation for 2019-2020.


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The Pitt u.lab hub would like to thank the generous support of PNC Charitable Trust.