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Industrial Engineering Course Description


Engineering for process safety provides for a basic understanding of the quantitative and qualitative analysis methods of process safety engineering and process safety management.  The course also provides guidance in planning, implementing and managing an overall process safety management program.  It includes coverage of such applicable science and engineering principles as risk, human reliability, fault logic, failure modes, incident cost and prediction.  The course is presented in an applied format where several different types of industries are discussed such as oil and chemical, pharmaceuticals, defense, nuclear, aerospace, paper, information technology and manufacturing industries.   Regulatory influence on process safety is discussed.  Quantitative aspects of the course include application of risk analysis, fault tree analysis, hazard and operability analysis, vapor-cloud dispersion modeling, human reliability analysis, failure modes and effects analysis, etc.  This course is also intended to provide a background in managing an overall system safety program and its application to several industries, therefore, cost and effectiveness measurement are covered in the material.

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