LigaMend: Resorbable magnesium ring for ACL reconstruction

Savio L-Y Woo, PhD, DSc, Deng Scientific PI
Professor of Bioengineering
Founder/Director of Musculoskeletal Research Center
(412) 648-2000
Patrick J. McMahon, MD Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Founder of McMahon Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
(412) 431-7342
Katie Farraro, PhD Postdoctoral fellow
(412) 648-2000

Over 200,000 people each year in the US sustain an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury during sports-related activities. More than two-thirds of patients with ACL injuries undergo surgical ACL reconstruction to re-stabilize their knee, representing a market of over $3 billion. However, complications following ACL reconstruction are common, including residual pain and knee instability. Furthermore, about 10% of such patients experience a procedural failure that requires a revision surgery and  there is a three-fold increase in the risk of the early onset of osteoarthritis of the knee following reconstructive surgery. LigaMend is a novel alternative option to ACL reconstruction that stabilizes the torn ACL following surgery and promotes regeneration of connective tissue. Comprised of a bioresorbable magnesium ring, combined with FDA-approved extracellular bioscaffolds (ECM), LigaMend has been shown in pre-clinical trials to fully restore the natural ligament. This technology has the potential to significantly decrease the time and cost of ACL surgery, while improving the outcome for patients.