SHARP: System for Hospital Adaptive Readmission Prevention

Rich Tsui, PhD Assistant Professor
Disease Surveillance Laboratory
Associate Director, Real-time Outbreak
Department of Biomedical Informatics

Andrew Urbach, MD Associate Chief Medical Officer
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Professor of Pediatrics


Hospital readmissions pose a significant financial burden and reputation risk to hospitals, and impact patient quality of life, morbidity and mortality. The Affordable Care Act has penalized hospitals with excessive readmissions within 30 days of discharge, leading to 5,700 US hospitals, each losing up to $2.4 million annually. SHARP is a decision-support system that reduces hospital readmission rates by providing real-time risk estimates and personalized patient education. This technology offers benefits such as reduced readmission rates, identification and tracking of high-risk patients, and seamless integration into electronic hospital records. Coulter Program funding will be used to develop the interface and product validation prior to start-up being launched.