FormABone: Resorbable putty for bone regeneration

Prashant Kumta, PhD Edward R. Weidlein Professor of Bioengineering
Professor of Chemical/Petroleum Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Professor of Oral Biology

Charles Sfeir, PhD Associate Professor of Oral Biology
Director, Center for Craniofacial Regeneration

There is a critical need for more effective bone regenerative therapies involving design of scaffolds that can support and contribute to integration, strength, and regeneration to improve the function of bone. A multidisciplinary team has developed, ReCaPPĀ®, the next generation of cost effective resorbable, osteogenic, porous calcium phosphate-based bone implant material for minimally invasive application to irregular and difficult to access defect sites proven to confer bone regenerative capabilities exceeding those of the competition. In addition, with the Department of Defense (DoD), a preclinical GLP study in support of a 510(k) filing for the approval of ReCaPP's use to treat craniofacial bone defects. To date, the project team has successfully concluded GLP manufacturing and in the process of launching the pre-clinical study planned to start in July 2012. The project plans to leverage many of the DoD funded studies that will support the 510(k) submission for the craniofacial clinical applications and expand ReCaPP's market reach into the dental market.