Pitt | Swanson Engineering
Qianru Yang


A long-term goal of my research is to develop advanced technologies to help expanding the knowledge of neuroscience. My current work is focus on:

• Combining live two-photon microscopy and brain clearing technology to study the cellular mechanisms of improved foreign-body responses to chemical coatings and drug treatments

• Optimizing hydrogel based brain clearing methods for neural implants-tissue interface characterization


Presentation and publication:


K Woeppel, Q Yang, XT Cui, “Recent Advances in Neural Electrode-Tissue Interface”, Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering, December 2017,Vol 4,  Pages 21-31

Q Yang, JR Eles, B Wu, AL Vazquez, TDY Kozai, XT Cui, “CLARITY based 3D histology assessment of neural electrodes with antifouling coating implanted in mouse cortex”, Poster presented at: Neuroscience 2017, Society for Neuroscience; 2017 Nov 11-15; Washington D.C., USA.