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Faculty and Postdocs

Research Faculty     



  •   Takashi D. Y. Kozai
    • Current Position: Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh
  •   Christi L Kolarcik
    • Current Position: Research Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine                
  •   Wei Liao   
  •   Xiliang Luo 
    • Current Position: Dean at Qingdao University of Science and Technology
  •   Ling Zhang
    • Current Position: Scientist II at LakePharma, Inc. 
  •   Yang Shen
  •   Bin Cao
    • Current Position: Research Chemist at PPG Industries
  •   I. Mitch Taylor
    • Current Position: Assistant Professor Of Chemistry at Saint Vincent College
  •   Asiyeh Golabchi  
    • Current Position: Principal Applications Scientist at NeuroNexus