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The University of Pittsburgh is one of the nation's most distinguished and diverse academic centers. From engineering professor Reginald Fessenden’s demonstration that radio waves could transmit human speech across an ocean to the identification of Vitamin C by chemistry professor Charles King, and from Dr. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine all the way to Thomas Starzl, the father of modern transplantation, the University has become a leading light of biomedical research the world over.


The University of Pittsburgh is home to one of the premier health systems in the United States, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). UPMC produces $11 billion additional in regional economic impact /yr. and has 19 hospitals in the region alone with 4,500 physicians. UPMC also receives $431 million in NIH funding annually. UPMC even has a branch in Italy!

UPMC is definitely considered 'The Premier Health Care in US' making interdisciplinary research and collaboration an everyday reality at Little Lab.

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