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Location and Vessel Specific Properties of Porcine Coronary Arteries – Design of Drug Eluting Stents
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    Optimum drug delivery for the treatment of vascular disease is governed by several interacting factors including both biological and physical phenomena. The STBL is using a combined experimental and computational approach as a platform to improve endovascular drug delivery from eluting devices. For example, we have used this platform to demonstrate significant differences in the mass transport of drug surrogates in the porcine coronary vasculature (see Keyes JT et al. 2013). Our approach includes modeling the contribution of both convective and diffusive transport of species in a highly deforming fully saturated porous media (see Vande Geest JP et al. 2011, Keyes JT et al. 2013, Harper J 2014 et al., Armstrong MH et al., 2016). Transport of drug surrogate in our laboratory is made possible using an in house two photon microscope.