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Variation of Regional Fiber Architecture Within the Thoracic Aorta

Our lab has used our image-based analysis of aortic microarchitecture to look at fiber variation in several different “coordinate systems” of the thoracic aorta. One area of inhomogeneity we have investigated is the transmural transition from the vascular intima to the media, then to the adventitia. From this work, we have identified the presence of radially-oriented fibers which could reduce the likelihood of dissection between layers. The amount of these fibers differs between two clinically distinct aortic valve morphologies - the natural tricuspid valve and the bicuspid valve (BAV) seen in 1-2% of the population. From our work, we hypothesize that the reduced undulation of collagen fibers in the aorta of BAV patients could predispose them to the formation of an intimal tissue tear, and ensuing dissection. The second area of inhomogeneity we are investigating is the variation that occurs around the circumference of the aorta, with respect to landmarks such as the left and right coronary arteries. Our initial data suggests that additional radially-oriented fibers in the region coincident with the left coronary artery, solely in the case of BAV, could provide extra strength and explain the circumferentially asymmetric geometry of aneurysms in BAV patients.

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