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Development of a Stem Cell-Based Tissue Engineered Vascular Graft


Our lab has developed a series of technologies, including a rotational seeding device and a bilayered elastomeric scaffold, which serve as the basis of our small-diameter tissue-engineered vascular graft (TEVG). We have explored the use of a variety of mesenchymal stem cells for our TEVG, including cells from bone marrow, muscle, and most recently fat. The latter cells, termed adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC), can be obtained from the waste product of patients undergoing elective liposuction.

Our current work is focused on advancing our TEVG towards clinical translation utilizing an autologous (i.e. “self-into-self”) and addressing practical barriers. As a first step we have utilized ADSC sourced from patients in demographics typically associated with cardiovascular risk such as diabetic and elderly individuals. In vitro we have shown that ADSC from healthy and diabetic (but not elderly) patients produce factors essential for TEVG regeneration including stimulation of smooth muscle cell migration. Implantation testing of ADSC-derived TEVG is currently underway to see if cells from different donor groups have different remodeling potential in vivo.

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