Materials Micro-Characterization Laboratory (MMCL)

MMCL mission: Facilitating Research & Training in Materials Micro-Characterization

5th floor Benedum Hall, suite 532 BEH

MMCL provides kernel of scientific expertise and modern instrumentation for electron-, ion- and X-ray beam analysis of materials. Researchers, students, faculty and staff are offered access to expertise of personnel, experimental tools and advanced techniques for complete materials micro-characterization. This encompasses visualization of the surface and internal structure, analysis of composition, measurements of surface metrics and micro-/nano-mechanical properties of materials that bridges the length scales from the microscopic to near-atomic level.


TEM: FEI Tecnai G2 F20 SuperTwin

- HREM (~0.11nm info-limit), FE-TEM, EDAX-EDS, Nano-beam (0.5nm) diffraction & CBED, Orientation-Phase-Mapping NanoMEGAS Topspin, 2kx2k CCD


XRD PANalyticalEmperyan

- Cu- or Co-K-alpha; powder, thin films; lattice parameters, phase identification, stresses, strains, textures, in-situ; 


Fischione Lab’  for EM Sample Preparation

- with state-of-the-art conventional, plasma- and ion-beam tools and methods to enable highest fidelity in micro-analytical and atomic resolution imaging  of materials


Nano-mechanical tester

- Hysitron TI900 Triboindenter: Normal and lateral force loading configurations gives sub-micron scale testing arena with real-time data collection and nanometer resolution in-situ SPM imaging


Field-Emission SEM

- FEI Apreo Hi-Vac, SE, BSE, ≤1nm (15kV) & 1.3nm (1kV) resolution, EDS, EBSD OIM


Environmental SEM, Jeol JSM 6610LV

- suitable for out-gassing & non-conducting specimens; large chamber

envriomental semsemex


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Prof. Jörg Wiezorek
T: 412 – 624 01 22