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Plenary 2008
2008 Plenary Presentations

Kenneth J. Nemeth

Executive Director, Southern States Energy Board

"Coal: Reliable Energy and Environmental Responsibility For The Future!"

Mark Gabriel

Executive Consultant and Principal, R.W. Beck, Inc.

"Visions for a Sustainable Energy Future: Impacts and Opportunities for Coal"

Gregory W. Nelson

Sr. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Eastman Chemical Company

"Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development"

Hongjun Zhang

Holland & Knight LLP

"A Double-Edged Sword: Environmental Aspects of Coal : Energy and Utilization in China"

Duke du Plessis

Senior Advisor and Research Manager, Alberta Energy Research Institute (AERI), CANADA

"Gasification: A Key Technology Platform for Western Canada's Coal and Oil Sands Industries"

David Brockway

Chief, CSIRO Energy Technology, AUSTRALIA

Presented by Richard Sakurovs

"Low Emissions Coal Research in the Context of the APP and the NLECI"

Stan Rhodes

Scientific Certification Systems

"The emergence of ASTM E 06.71.10 standard, a Life Cycle Assessment based standard that determines the overall environmental performance of power systems on a technology and fuel neutral basis"

Paul P. Bollinger, Jr.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Privatization & Partnerships (Energy)

"The Army's Energy Strategy for the 21st Century"

James J. McCaffrey

Vice President Material and Supply Chain Management, CONSOL Energy

"Coal and the Campaign: Why the Candidates are Talking About Us"