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Plenary 2006
2006 Plenary Presentations

Kathleen A. McGinty

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, USA

Kim Wissman

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, USA


Michael L. Williams

Railroad Commission of Texas, USA

"Coal Emerging as Energy Star in Texas"

Milton Catelin

World Coal Institute, United Kingdom

"Coal: Meeting Global Challenges"

Richard Sakurovs

CSIRO Energy Technology, Australia

"Sequestration Down Under"

Anjan Bhattacharya and R. Srinivasan

TCE Consulting Engineers Ltd, India

"State & Presentation on India's Coal Situation and Tata's Role"

Shannon L. Fraser

Office of Energy and Environmental Industries, Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, USA

"The Growth of International Coal Markets and The Commercial Implications for the U.S. Coal Industry"

Charles H. Goodman

Southern Company, USA

"Update on FutureGen - A Technology Response to Climate Issues"

Fredrick D. Palmer

Peabody Energy, Inc., USA

"Coal as our Future Fuel"