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Plenary 2005
2005 Plenary Presentations

Dr. Jeffrey J. Siirola

Eastman Chemical Company, USA

"Sustainability in the Chemical and Energy Industries"

Mr. Michael J. Mudd

American Electric Power, USA

"The Opportunities and Obstacles to New Coal Fueled Electricity Generation"

Mr. James Woolsey

Booz Allen Hamilton, USA

"The Findings and Recommendations of the National Commission on Energy Policy"

Dr. C.F. Reinecke

Sasol Technology, SOUTH AFRICA

"SOUTH AFRICA: Energy Challenges and Opportunities in a Developing Country"

Dr. Kelly Thambimuthu

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

Centre for Low Emission Technology, AUSTRALIA

"Energy, Climate Change and Coal - Towards Zero Emission Technologies"

Mr. Eugene M. Trisko

Attorney at Law, USA

"State & Regional Trends in Clean Air Act Implementation"

Mr. Dan Lashof

Natural Resources Defense Council, USA

"CCS: Beating the Glaciers"

Dr. Joan Ogden

Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Davis, USA

"Environmental Issues and Solutions Related to a Hydrogen Energy Economy"