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Plenary 2004
2004 Plenary Presentations

Dr. Eric N. Balles

Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Babcock Power Inc., USA

"The US Influence on Global Energy Technology"

Mr. Robert A. Beck

Executive Vice President, National Coal Council, USA

"The Future of Coal: The Flexible, Economic, and Stable Energy Source"

Dr. Naokazu Kimura

Director, Wakamatsu Research Institute, Technology Development Center, J-POWER/EPDC, JAPAN

"Perspective on Coal Utilization Technology"

Professor Yong-Wang Li

Deputy Director of SKLCC, Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, CHINA

"Clean Diesel Production from Coal-Based Syngas via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Technology Status and Demands"

Dr. Shigeki Sakurai

Director Coal Division, Agency for National Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, JAPAN

"New Coal Policy with a Focus on 2030 - C3 Initiative towards the Establishment of the Clean Coal Cycle"

Dr. Frank van Schagen

Chief Executive Officer, CRC for Coal in Sustainable Development Technology Transfer Centre, QCAT, AUSTRALIA

"Technology Options for Electricity Generation in the 21st Century; An Australian Example"