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Mary Besterfield-Sacre

Associate Professor
Fulton C. Noss Faculty Fellow , Swanson School of Engineering
Director , Engineering Education Research Center
Center Associate , Learning Research and Development Center
Associate Editor, Advances in Engineering Education Journal


Dr. Sacre's principal research interests are in engineering education assessment and evaluation methods, two areas where she has published widely over the past 18 years. Her current research focuses on three distinct but highly correlated areas - innovative product design, entrepreneurship, and models and modeling in the engineering classroom; as well as investigating the impact of international education on engineering students.

Selected Publications

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Current Grants

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Older Grants

  • Collaborative Research: The BME-IDEA Competition, Assessing Innovative Design in Biomedical Engineering Education NSF, CBET-0602592; CoPI's: with L. Shuman, M. Redfern; Dates: October 2006 - September 2009
  • Measuring Process-Oriented Student Learning Outcomes: A Work Sampling Approach to Behavioral Observation Department of Education, FIPSE-P116B020716, CoPI's: with H. Wolfe and L. Shuman; Dates: September 2002 - August 2006
  • Development of a Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship Program in Product Realization; US Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Program (GAANN); CoPI's: with M. Lovell, B. Bidanda, M. Mickle, B. Nnaji, S. Nwosu, and L. Shuman; Dates: August 2001 - July 2004
  • Development of an Assessment Database System for E-Teams National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance; CoPI's: with L. Shuman and H. Wolfe; Dates: May 2002 - December 2002
  • Selected Grants as Co-Principal Investigator
  • Pillars of Chemical Engineering: A Block Scheduled Curriculum: NSF, EEC-0342713; J. McCarthy (PI), M.M. Ataai, R.M. Enick, R.S. Parker; Dates: January 2004 - December 2007
  • The Student Developer: Using 360 Degree Multisource Assessment for Student Learning and Professional Development: NSF, DUE-0206630 and Columbia University; J. McGourty (PI - Columbia), J. Seat, L. Shuman (PI - Pittsburgh), and H. Wolfe; Dates: October 2002 - September 2005
  • Assessing Engineering Students' Understanding of Their Professional and Ethical Responsibilities: NSF; L. Shuman (PI) and H. Wolfe; January 2002 - December 2002
  • Engineering Education: Assessment Methodologies And Curricula Innovations: NSF - EEC-9872498; L.J. Shuman (PI) and H. Wolfe, University of Pittsburgh; C.J. Atman, University of Washington; J. McGourty, Columbia University; B.M. Olds and R.L. Miller, Colorado School of Mines; and G.M. Rogers, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Dates: September 1998 - March 2002