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The EERC is currently supporting efforts to "flip" classroom instruction. The classroom flip is an instructional method that can be used to include active learning elements in a class while maintaining the ability to cover critical course material. In the classroom flip, also called the inverted classroom, the instructor asks students to use out-of-class time to watch a "virtual lecture" available online. By requiring students to watch the lectures virtually as homework, the instructor then frees up class time to lead students in other activities, such as problem solving or active learning. Please refer to the links below for recent slide decks related to classroom flipping.

Slides presented by Drs. Sarah Zappe and Stephanie Velegol from Penn State:
PSU - Deck #1   PSU - Deck #2

Slides presented by Dr. Mary Besterfield-Sacre of the EERC:
EERC - Deck #1

Slides presented by Dr. Bryan Norman of the Industrial Engineering Department:

BN (IE) - Deck #1