Eva CarusoHi, my name is Eva Caruso and I’m the new Center for Medical Innovation Fellow! I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Medical Product Engineering which is a part of the Bioengineering department at University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering. My passion for the development of medical devices was fostered during my undergraduate studies at Clemson University, where I joined clubs and teams aimed at the design process! I have a proven passion for developing innovative solutions through the combination of technology and a deep understanding of the clinical cycle of care. My proudest accomplishment is from a team-based seminar class, Senior Design, where I along with four other women developed a tumor localization device. The Biopsy PolyGuide has a provisional patent filed, won the BME faculty favorite at a design symposium and will be featured at the 2019 BMES Annual Meeting in Philadelphia! Currently, through my program at Pitt I am apart of two teams focused on clinical collaboration and development of a medical device. The scope of both of these projects will expose me to the entire life cycle of a medical device! In the future, I hope to work closely with the medical community to develop groundbreaking solutions to problems that truly matter. Between the desire I have, degree I will achieve and resources in Pittsburgh I know that I will have the opportunity to develop innovations that will transform medicine!