Fall 2019 Pitt-CIRTL In-Person Courses

Preparation for the STEM Classroom

ENGR 3001

Thursdays 4:00 - 4:50 PM    Benedum Hall     Room: 320 

Designed for PhD students and Post-docs planning for academic careers in the STEM disciplines, this University of Pittsburgh course meets 1hr/week and provides an introduction to the alignment model, evidence-based teaching practices, teaching-as-research (TAR) project design, and general principles of teaching and learning. Interested faculty are also welcome to join. 

Topics Include but are not limited to:   
    •   How learning works 
    •   Developing learning objectives 
    •   Tools to promote active learning 
    •   Assessing student learning 
    •   Designing lesson plans 
    •   Writing and reviewing teaching philosophy statements 
    •   Designing a course syllabus 

Class is open to graduate students, professional students, postdocs, and faculty and can be taken either for credit or not for credit.

1. For graduate credit, go to www.my.pitt.edu to add the class: 

    •   BIOSC 3001-1160 - CRN 23848

    •   CHEM 3001-1095 - CRN 25090

    •   ENGR 3001-1160 - CRN 22704

2. Register Here (free to enroll and participate) to audit the course (not-for-credit)